Beekeeping Courses from Introduction to the more advanced

January 2016  -  Honeybee Diseases, Pests and poisoning - Module 3

Basic course in April 2016
A queen rearing course may be offered

January 2016  -  Honeybee Products and Forage  -  Module 2
                           -  Honeybee Biology  -  Module 5       

Modules 3 and 6 for Autumn exam

Basic course in April

Modules have not been planned
Basic course in April

January 2016 -  
Honeybee Products and Forage - Module 2
At Fir Tree Farm starting Wednesday 13th January 7.00 pm, cost £30 

Introduction to Beekeeping Course starting on Saturday the 29th of April 2017

General Husbandry  -  Contact  -  Ray Dowson  -  [email protected]
It is intended to hold a General Husbandry course. This will be a Saturday afternoon in February & March and a full Saturday practical in May or June. The theory Saturday afternoons will probably be at Ulnes Walton and the practical day at Kings Moss

Preston Branch: Alan Manwaring  Contact no 01772 726212  [email protected]

Basic course in April 2016

Modules to be decided - none this Spring

January 2016  - Honeybee Management
  -  Module 1 

Basic course in April 2016
Module 2 for Autumn exam 

Members of one Branch may attend the meetings and courses run by any of the other Branches

Examinations & Assessments

The BBKA Examination Board offer written and practical examinations to educate and set standards for beekeepers.

The starting point and entry requirement for all other examinations and assessments is the Basic Assessment in Beekeeping; this practical assessment tests the basic skills and knowledge of the craft.

Correspondence Courses are available to help prepare for the Basic, the Microscopy or for the Modules.

Most branches run study groups to assist with study for the modules. 

For information see your Branch Education Officer.

Details of the fees for all examinations and assessments are available here:

Our Application form and general guidelines can be downloaded using the following links:

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