Bee Quiz

Question 1

Three eggs grouped on a sidewall

Laying workers

Question 2

Deformed wings on workers adjacent to the queen

Breakdown of brood pattern

Parasitic Mite Syndrome (Varroa damage)

Question 3

Twisted, molten and discoloured larvae

European Foul Brood

Question 4

Dinner plate brood looking like a digestive biscuit.

Holes in brood where the foundation support wire is

Healthy Brood

Question 5

Scale in cell

American Foul Brood

Question 6

White pupae cases

Greater Wax Moth infestation

Question 7

Pollen in base of cells

Eggs laid on pollen

Question 8

Dead imago (adult) bee emerging from its cell

Break down of brood

Parasitic mite syndrome (Varroa damage)

Question 9

Cluster of dead bees - head in to cells

No stores


Question 10

Digestive biscuit

Healthy sealed brood

Question 11

Spines on back

On sand

Small hive beetle larvae

Question 12

Irregular surface of brood like a mountain range

Drone cappings

Drone laying queen (failed queen only laying unfertilised eggs)

Question 13

Faeces on hive

Sign of dysentery - suspect Nosema as a possible cause

Question 14

Grains of granulated stores in comb

Rough, sand paper like edge to cells

Robbed out comb

Question 15

Chinese slipper appearance of pre-pupae

Death of brood by virus infection (This is like but is not sacbrood)

Question 16

Molten, twisted, discoloured larvae

Perforated sealed brood

European Foul Brood - heavy infection

Question 17

Black shiny bee

Sign of virus infection (In this case Chronic Paralysis Virus)

Question 18

Coffee coloured pre-pupae

Tongue fixed to top of cell

American Foul Brood

Question 19

Break down of brood pattern

Dead emerging imago bees

Deformed wings on imago bee

Parasitic Mite Syndrome (Varroa Damage)

Question 20

White hard lumps of dead brood

Chalk Brood

Question 21

Mite on larvae

Varroa mite in bee brood

Question 22

White hard lumps of dead brood

Molten, twisted, discoloured larvae

Chalk Brood and European Foul Brood

Question 23

Mite on bee pupa

Legs on each side - just visible - and small size


Question 24

Eggs in centre of cell base

Small healthy larvae in brood food

Apparently healthy eggs and young brood

Question 25

Lesser Wax Moth