Beekeeping Courses from Introduction to the more advanced

Each of our branches runs a range of beekeeping courses from a basic introduction to beekeeping to more advanced study groups to prepare course attendees for the BBKA modules. You may however find that your own Branch is not running the course that you are looking for so it is worth remembering that members may attend the meetings and courses being run by any of the other Branches of Lancashire Beekeepers.

Here are the Education Coordinators for each Branch:

The L&NW Education Co-ordinators consist of:
Viki Cuthbertson Lancs Co-ordinator [email protected]
Robina Johnstone Lancs Exam Secretary [email protected]

Examinations & Assessments

The BBKA Examination Board offer written and practical examinations to educate and set standards for beekeepers.

The starting point and entry requirement for all other examinations and assessments is the Basic Assessment in Beekeeping; this practical assessment tests the basic skills and knowledge of the craft.

Correspondence Courses are available to help prepare for the Basic, the Microscopy or for the Modules.

Most branches run study groups to assist with study for the modules. 
Modules planned for Spring 2019

 Lancaster  Module 1
 Oldham  ?
 Southport  Module 1
 Lancaster  Module 2
 Ormskirk  Module 3
 Preston  Module 3
 Blackpool  Module 5
 East Lancs  Module 8

For more information please see your Branch Education Officer listed above.

Details of the fees for all examinations and assessments are available here:

Our Application form and general guidelines can be downloaded using the following links:

Exam Application Form

Courses and BBKA Modules

BBKA Module 5 - Honeybee Biology

pdf files
Alimentery Canal images
Alimentary Canal Podcast
Excretory System images
Excretory System 1 Podcast
Respiratory System images
Respiratory System 1 Podcast
Circulatory System images
Circulatory System 2 Podcast
Exocrine Glands images
Exocrine Glands Podcast
Nervous System
Nervous System Podcast
Endocrine System Images
Endocrine System Podcast
Fat body images
Fat Bodies Podcast
Reproductive System
Reproductive System Podcast
Egg Embryo and Hatching Structure
Egg Embryo and Hatching Structure Podcast
Metamorphosis and Moulting
Metamorphosis and Moulting Podcast
Normal vs Laying Workers
Normal vs Laying Workers Podcast
Caste Determination Tables
Caste Determination Tables Podcast
 Summer vs Winter Workers  Summer v Winter Workers Podcast
 External Anatomy  External Anatomy Podcast
 Structure and Function of Various Parts  Structure and Function of Various Parts Podcast
 Cuticle Structure Cuticle Structure Podcast
 The Sting Apparatus The Sting Apparatus Podcast
 Direct and Indirect Flight Muscles Direct and Indirect Flight Muscles Podcast


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